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Waraich Express


Waraich Enterprises Company is serving the nation in transport field since 2005. The company has a time to time upgraded fleet of Air conditioned Luxury – business class public service transport buses – Oil Tankers – Cargo Trailers .The company is serving nationwide in both public service Transport and logistics. The Company has established its stations throughout the county, every day thousands of passengers mark their trust by traveling with us.

The Company has recently been enrolled as Transport Operator under the International Road Transport Agreement by the Ministry of Communication, Director Road Transport Islamabad with that new horizons are opened and we look forward to extend our operations across the international borders. (Insha Allah)

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Waraich Express have more than 40 Destinations with more than 90 Terminals around the country, From Karachi to Mansehra, Quetta & Peshawar.

Reach your destination 100% sure and safe

Being the well re-knowned service in the state, Waraich Express pledge entertainment, free wifi and comfortable seats within very economic cost.

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